There’s an epidemic spreading all across America! ZOMBIES! Not the kind that eats people, but the kind that wanders aimlessly around and doesn’t know what they’re even doing.

I was doing a landscaping job recently for a manufacturing business when all the people came outside to take their breaks. 10 minutes, and don’t you dare be a second longer! They all looked like zombies. No drive, no enthusiasm, no real purpose.

Maybe the money is good… so what? Most People work 8 hour days. That’s only a third of your day, just grin and bear it right? Nope! you might only work 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, but how much time do you spend getting ready in the mornings? How about that drive? How many Sunday nights do you spend dreading Monday morning. Work consumes a large portion of our waking hours. You might as well do something you enjoy, or at least something that you believe in.

I wrote about taking action recently in this post http://www.cameron86.com/what-are-you-doing-today/.

Please don’t continue walking around like a work place zombie. Do something with your life that fulfills you.

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One more link before I go. The 4 Hour Workweek. This book changed the course of my life. I HIGHLY recommend it to anyone even remotely considering changing their work situation. . Buy it. Read it. Highlight all over it! TIm Ferriss did an amazing service to the world by writing this book. I read it right before I left my corporate job. I may even do a post solely dedicated to this book and how it convinced me to start out on my own.

Whatever you do, keep making progress,