Debt robs you of your options! It’s a form of modern day slavery. How many of us, yes, I said US, wish we didn’t have to pay out so much of our income to debt payments? I’m on a mission to be debt free and I’m going to do my best to convince you to as well.

Seems like an impossible task, though, doesn’t it? Thousands of dollars in the hole and barely getting by… How do you get ahead? Take one step in the right direction that’s how. One step towards financial freedom. One step towards breaking free from the financial bondage that we’ve come to accept as normal.

Let me introduce you to someone who can help you get there. His name is Dave Ramsey. I’ve read 4 of his books and listened to every episode of the Entreleadership Podcast that was posted at the time. It completely changed the way I viewed Debt and convinced me of the absurdity of it. Listen to him, he know’s his stuff. If I could recommend a book to get you started, it would be Financial Peace Revisited. (This link will take you to Amazon, where you need to purchase this!) My copy is loaned out right now. I wish everybody would read this book.

So what do I know about debt. Well, enough to rack up $45,000 worth of it. I know a lot of you have way more than that, and some of you will look at that number and think that there”s no way you could ever let that happen. But it’s there, lingering over my head. So why should you listen to a man who has debt telling you to get out of debt? Well, I’m actually DOING what I’m suggesting. I’m in the trenches! This coming Friday, I’m selling an Investment Property that I own. You know what a large portion of that money is going towards? You guessed it, paying off debt! I’ll be slinging $34,000 at my chains of bondage! Take that, debt!!!

I’ll be posting a lot about this subject, as I’m fired up and want to help as many other people as I can. SUBSCRIBE to the blog to stay updated. You’ve already taken one step just by reading this post. Now the subject of debt is on your mind. Don’t waste that thought process. Do something TODAY!

Keep making progress,