You are headed towards exactly what you really want. I said REALLY WANT. You say you want to be successful. What are you doing about it? If you ‘re not giving every drop of yourself to make it happen, then you want something else more.

If you say you want to be debt free, but keep running up the credit cards, then you really wanted the instant gratification of spending tomorrow’s money today more than you want the freedom of only spending what you’ve already earned.

If you say you want to eat healthier, but keep pounding the dollar menus (the guy writing is guilty!) then you want the easy way out more than you want the great body.

The examples could go on and on, but you get the point. When you REALLY want something, you’ll do whatever it takes to get it.

Take a moment to evaluate your ambitions and compare them to your current actions. How do they line up? I know mine get skewed from time to time, and it takes a reality check of some sort to¬†expose the differences. You can lie to yourself for a while, but I’m calling you out! If you say you want it, but your actions don’t line up, you’re missing something. I can’t hear you for what I see you doing.

This post is as much for myself as it is for anyone else. Let’s hold each other accountable. Set your sights on greater purposes and as always…

Keep Making progress,