If there was no finish line in a race, how would you know who won? Kind of silly isn’t it? Then why go through life this way? You must “define the win”.

Continuing the race metaphor, why is there a finish line? So you know the end result you’re trying to achieve cross this line… preferably 1st. It gives clear direction. What is your direction? What’s your win?

This line of thinking can and should be applied to everything. Form the habit of asking, “what does winning look like?”

At work, what does winning look like? Getting a paycheck on Friday isn’t an acceptable answer. For me, as a landscaper, winning is when I complete a job on time, with a satisfied customer, made a nice profit, and I’m proud of the work when I leave. That’s a WIN!

Most people work for someone else. So the win is not only determined by you, but also by your boss. Why not ask him or her? Dave Ramsey talks a lot about this subject in his book Entreleadership. If you haven’t read this, I highly recommend it. It’s in my top 10 books list. How much respect do you think you would gain if you asked your boss, “What can I do to help our organization win? What does winning look like for us?”, and then made that your goal?

With your health, what does winning look like? Be healthier doesn’t cut it. You need a goal, you need a win! I want to get to a specific body weight,  or I want to run a mile nonstop, or I want to bench press a specific weight. These are all clearly defined goals. When you achieve them, that’s a win!

Financially, Spiritually, Emotionally, think about what winning looks like each area of your life. Don’t wander aimlessly. Define the win and make it happen!

If there’s anything I can do to help you win, let me know. I have a long list of resources and people that have completely changed my life, and I’d be honored to help.

Keep Making Progress,